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Advantages of Online Therapy

  • No travel time or travel costs to worry about.

  • Childcare now only required for the length of the session.

  • CBT Online is now available from anywhere in the world and I welcome clients from english speaking countries globally. Speaking with a therapist in another country may also help to ease any confidentiality concerns.

  • Therapy from anywhere now means no longer missing sessions due to business trips - continuity of therapy is important for it to be most effective.

  • Therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Hopefully these points give you some things to consider and help you to decide if you think online therapy through the medium of Skype best suits you. 

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Practicalities of online therapy

To enable online counselling CBT sessions we will be utilising a program called Skype, an online conferencing tool that enables people to speak face to face over the internet. It is an application that is free to download on nearly all platforms - Download Skype.

You are going to require a computer or laptop that has a webcam either connected up or built in. Webcams are not expensive and one of sufficient quality can be picked up for under £20 - Recommended Webcam.


Alternatively to a computer/laptop setup, you could opt to make use of the Skype application for your phone which will be downloadable from the Play/App store. Most modern smartphones have a front-facing camera of sufficient quality and good microphones will suffice for online therapy.

As CBT does involve us learning and utlising pen and paper skills, I will email you appropriate worksheets prior to session and you will need to have access to a printer to print these out and have then ready for your session.  

Online therapy appointments and Fees

A hour long online CBT session is currently being charged the same £50 rate ($65/€55 approx) as regular face-to-face sessions.