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Anger difficulties

Few people feel sympathy for someone who reacts angrily and few people try to understand. However anger is an emotion like all other emotions that when causing no harm to anyone else is healthy for the individual to express. It is generally borne out of thoughts (see CBT explained > 5PM) around injustice or disrespect. There are times when some people may have done wrong and need to be made aware of our displeasure. However when anger starts to impact negatively on our relationship with others we need to learn better ways to manage it.

Did you know that there is a specific part of the brain solely designed to inhibit emotion? This area can be weakened temporarily through substances like alcohol but with practice we can also strengthen this part of the brain. CBT will work on teaching a range of techniques that will help us understand when we are getting angry and deal with this emotion in a more appropriate way. Through collaborative discussion of situations where you feel angry; we will start to understand the patterns in your thoughts and be able to predict future situations where you may feel anger and where you can put the new techniques into place. If you wish we will look into your past and discover the root causes of your predisposition to anger.

If you suffer from anger or know someone who does, try and understand that at the base of this visible presentation of emotion is hurt and that being able to discuss this confidentially with someone may really help.